How I got a water heater as a gift on Facebook

Adhering to rules in a Facebook group is very important. Most people join a group for learning or making too much noise.
This can annoy the admin of the place and may force him/her to remove such persons.

Today, I am not going to fill up this post with irrelevant texts on what I did or that. I am only testing what I got.

I have been an active member of one group like that that promotes heaters. I thought maybe it will be good to approach them for a review copy. It’s quite funny since I searched for the best brand in the market some time ago. I know well that it will be impossible to get one for free from the seller. But I had to try. At first, he said No! I will only offer you a discount code.
I didn’t reply. The next thing was, send me your address. It looks unreal since it is my first time to get such an offer on an expensive item.
To my surprise, it arrived last week.

Is it working perfectly?

For few days, I had issues in getting it to heat water. The problem was from my installation. I watched a video hoping that I can install it on my own. But in the end, I had to hire someone for that.
There is no need of trying to be a pro on something I don’t have expertise in. Paying someone for that was my best choice. Now, I can have a steady flow of hot water whenever I need it.

My advice to everyone that is a member of a Facebook store page is to be active.
Whenever the owner of that page posts, try to comment, like, and even share. If you do this regularly, you will be noticed. In time, you may be offered a gift as I did.

I won’t mention the Facebook group where I got that. Just start by doing what I did on the current group you are in. I think before this year finishes, I may get another item from another group.

facebook gift from admin

I will begin to spend more time in a group these days. You should do the same, most especially if you have spare time for fun.

If you use another platform like TikTok and know how to get TikTok likes, you can boost your replies there and be noticed by the admin of the page you are following. This might give you a chance of getting something for free from him in the future.

Let me know if you have ever received a gift from someone on Facebook. It is time to share how it appeared and the way you felt.

How good is a twitch viewer bot?

Are you aware that the cheapest twitch viewer stream bot can bring deliver country-targeted users? I think you don’t know. The majority of people that use their service may not know that too. They go ahead to buy from there without asking questions. Their platform seems to be the only solution for anyone looking for active views.
Their price is affordable compared with all those fake ones you see all over the internet.
With one of their package, you will get real people that are targeted to your channel or niche. You will never experience any kind of disappointment.

Have you seen the good things associated with their bot? Now, it is time to compare them with others.

I won’t list the names of other sites that sell bots. You can find them using your favorite search engine.

Lets us take a look at the first one you see displayed on the first page of Google. They promise to give you viewers, chatters, and followers. Go through their screenshot and ask yourself, will they be real?
They won’t. Remember, twitch is watching the progress of everyone. What if they find out that you are used a bot. They will surely ban you.
Don’t you want people that will ask you questions instead of posing Hi, it is nice, keep it up? You need to think over and over again before you pay there.

Go through other sites, they are using the same. This makes them all risky or not good to try out.

fast twitch viewer bot online

But, a reliable bot is what you need to use for growing your channel. They won’t give you any bot. They sell an active audience. This means it is the best site for buying twitch viewers. They will promote your channel using their bot.
Is that not better?
You should stop looking for ways that might cause issues in your account. There is a suitable one that works for lots of people.
Don’t forget you want a safe and long-term twitch account and not one that lasts for a few days or weeks.

You need to understand how important it is to concentrate in the right place. During that will ensure that you gain viewers that will interact with what you do on Twitch.

For this period, they are the perfect place that gives me what I want. If another competitor comes up, I will write a solid review on it.
If you have anyone better, kindly share through the comment box or send me a private text.

How to increase TikTok likes

Before the end of this post, you will learn how you can increase TikTok likes without spending much.
Before I move straight to the write-up or tactics, I need to share this. Do that now or after you might have tried my article.
I also want a few persons to tell me how amazing this is. Your thoughts or replies will encourage me to write more on this subject. I may do 2 giveaways before this month ends. It will focus on people that need a weekly audience in their profile.
You can refer your buddies but be aware that only two persons will be awarded the freebie.

Now, let me rush over to the reason you are here.

TikTok is indeed popular. There is no need to start doubting that. Millions of people are members on the platform. They share videos, comment, and feel happy after watching an interesting one.
Businesses have seen the network as a good source for promoting their products or services.
Users will a lot of fans get steady messages from these businesses to make ads for them in their video.
TikTok can now be seen as one of the top social media networks available on the internet.
They have never experienced any downtime. They don’t have plans to shut down or sell off their website to another network. It is a place where you need to start dominating.

Reading that might seem a bit off. I think lots of you skipped that paragraph. You must be saying, why not go straight to what I need?
I just want some folks to understand what the network is all about before I give this tip.
Many may shout, is that so? They might be the set of people that signed up but didn’t know what they can accomplish there.

real tiktok likes increase

On TikTok, increasing likes is difficult if you don’t have money for that. It’s not expensive. So, don’t worry.
You can have 500 TikTok likes now using some techniques online, and then get more after some time.
If you need over 1000, select it from their store page.
Buying is the only way to add up to the current number of likes present on your clip. You can’t get much if you decide to share on free social sites.

Without hesitation, you should go there for what you are here for. I won’t write on this topic again. My next one will be on another famous network. Get as much as you want before it becomes expensive there.

How much do TikTok followers cost?

Have you decided to pay any expert for TikTok followers but need to know the cost? I am glad to know that you are one of those that won’t make their clip viral. Only smart ones buy them.
I remember when I use to share my post on other social networks, hoping that I will gain lots of fans. At a certain period, I found out that I was wasting so much energy. I even had to get bots to speed up the process. All that brought a ban.
This period, I don’t do that. I prefer to get it from an agency that sells them cheap.

It might look not okay when you see the word cheap. Most people usually think it is worthless.
Some prefer to look for a place where they have to pay thousands of dollars. The thing is, you will still get what others receive. There is nothing special apart from the increment in the number of followers. They won’t make you have a share of TikTok earnings. Do you understand?
You might reach a point where you have to hire someone to make an eye-catching promotional video.
At that stage, you can spend a lot. But when it involves getting followers, only buy from the site you see at the beginning of this article.

To make a video noticed by thousands of individuals, one must apply the right strategy.
Now, you must be wondering why I have not mentioned the cost.
If you want 1k TikTok followers, prepare to spend $15. As for this moment, that is the price listed on that website. They may increase or reduce it.

steady tiktok followers

I think it is cheaper than any other source. They always send active and real followers. You can test with their 500 packages. But I don’t recommend that for anyone that is reading this.
The more you want there, the lesser the price becomes. So, go for a package you think is enough.
Forget testing or asking for a free plan. Only people that do not look serious demand for that.

The 15,000 TikTok follower’s package is the best of them. Make a nice video and then buy that. Watch and see how sales will flood in. That’s for super serious persons. Don’t order that one if you are just going to waste people’s time. People running ads get an amazing result from that.
Imagine buying 3x of that spread across 3 weeks.
There are lots of persons doing that. I won’t mention them here.

How to easily buy soundcloud plays for multiple tracks?

There is nothing wrong with going for cheap soundcloud plays. But you need to do it properly for multiple tracks.
It is actually time taking to buy them one after the other when you can just use a simple trick to order.
Here, I will show you. First, I need to be sure that you are ready.
If you are going to purchase it today, go ahead and read. If won’t, bookmark and come back later when you are set.

Getting listeners is fast and easy when you have money. Using a free technique is slow and difficult.
Top users know what they will gain whenever they buy plays. They know they haven’t come to a joke.
Some even go the length of hiring an influencer agency to manage their accounts.
They pay hundreds of dollars monthly to them.
You don’t have to do the same. Why? These people they hire may just buy listeners from an affordable source and then keep the rest of the money.
It’s even a nice business model as far as you know the place that delivers without fail.

Let’s rush over to why you are here.
Most order pages for getting plays do not have two textboxes for entering more than one song.
With the website you see in the first paragraph of this post, you can do it in a special way.
I mentioned before that it is a trick, but it’s not actually that. They said something on that at their main page. Just put your link in a brace. Like this {1|2}. It is called Spintax format. Key it in that way on the place where you have to insert your profile link.
But, you must know that they will split your order. For example, if you choose 1k plays, you will get 500+ each.
It is best to buy a lot so that you will have many on both.

buy real soundcloud plays

Least I forget, many people most times ask if the site can help them to make their account premium.
It isn’t possible. They only offer what you are reading here. If there is special stuff, maybe they may tell you in a chat.

You can boost your song using their service without limitations. You should always use them whenever you publish or upload new music. Make sure you make it public so that they can have access to it.
Also, when you order, allow them to start working on it. Don’t cancel or demand a refund. Let them handle your campaign as they do to others.

New site for buying soundcloud followers $1

Let us concentrate to know the new site for buying SoundCloud followers for just1 dollar. First, it is best to understand how effective this is when you use to order from the right place.
Nowadays, there are several stores that seem to offer this. But the majority of them will not send you active ones. Although, they say they will, when you try them, you will have a negative experience.
This is usually because; they mostly use point’s platforms to deliver. That is why no one communicates with you after you use their service.
So, where must you check for real persons?

Becoming famous doesn’t require you to be a premium member of SoundCloud. You should stop confusing yourself by reading articles that say that. You don’t even have to start sharing or spamming your profile link on so many sites for people to follow you.
It shouldn’t be an alternative if you decide to change your mind about buying. You need to know that there will be no other way for you to gain popularity without spending money. Try and save up more cash even if it is more than $1.
Why did I say so?

A dollar will only get you a few following. You need to have tens of that for this. Don’t you want to compete with other fellows? This should be your main goal.
Take it this way; if you are into Hip hop songs, you need a massive number of people to be noticed. You can achieve that with that particular amount when spent.
So, have you understood why you have to be ready to pay more than that?

gain soundcloud followers

If you are serious now and want to gain that popularity you dream of, buy followers on Soundcloud.
It is cheap and takes less than 48 good hours to see them flow into your account.
It’s not even the policy of the network since there is no article within their platform that is against it.

Understanding the new site for getting lots of fans is better than wasting resources on the wrong one.
You can be on top when you depend on it rather than asking for a refund on the bad place you tried.
Be smarter today with it and get ready to turn your profile into a fun section.
You don’t need to hire an expensive agency to do all this. What you need is only the page you see above.

Have a great time placing your orders there. If you know other amazing ones, kindly inform me.

Best site for buying twitch viewers

The availability of several stores made it hard to find the best site for buying twitch viewers.
Many site administrators know how to tweak their page to make it look amazing. But they don’t know how to deliver real users to every order. They try to compete with an amazing viewer method that works. That is why your fans don’t come online when you use them. You pay without getting what you expected.

They are willing to send your invoice for higher amounts and convince you to pay. But after you might have spent your money, they give you what you never hoped for. This is annoying and cannot be tolerated by someone that has a goal to achieve on the network.

You should stop looking for methods that will put your account into a review or possibly ban it.
You don’t need to purchase bots with or without a proxy to achieve your goal. You need to hire an expert that is dedicated to what you need.

You must not spend so much money before you can get a good result in this. Just visit the best social media marketing agency to receive twitch viewers after paying, when you are ready to get started. It has always been the best place to spend money on. Their methods are quite easy to understand and will be explained in the next paragraph.

Whenever you order from that store, they pick a manager from their team. He takes your link and contacts their top twitch users, who run a shout-out with your profile link.
Most people that share your link with are always users with millions of people watching their clip.
It seems they have an agreement with such persons.

buy twitch viewers cheap

When you order like 100k twitch viewers, they make a campaign on Google. They run this targeting people in your account location, age group, and many others.

Whatever amount you choose, the method they use will still give you a good result.
So, there is nothing to argue about when I say it is the perfect place to get started with.

If you don’t have enough cash to order today, check tomorrow. I think a coupon will be available soon.
They said in their blog that, it will reduce the price of their service for like 50%.
I think this is a nice move that will make but them and the buyer popular. They also encourage everyone that knows about them to share. So, since I have done that by writing this article, kindly do the same.

Best place to buy twitch followers

Many sites brag that they are the best place to pay for twitch followers. They write all kinds of nonsense to make people believe in what they say. Some don’t even have an active support agent that responds properly to issues on orders. They just make a website, add a price, promote their page and wait for people to come.
They usually think people are dummies. They don’t even bother to return your money when you complain that they sent fake persons. They are just there to make some cash for themselves without any proper feeling.
You should avoid any site that does that.

But, how can you know such a website?

This is a question that seems hard to answer by a normal internet user without enough money.
If you don’t test, there is no way to know which site you can trust. I imagine the hassle most people that didn’t come here will be experiencing. They will be pushing several messages without a reply to them.
You don’t have to worry so much about this. Before I started this article, I have already accomplished a lot on the network. Nowadays, I can boast of having over 50,000 fans on only one account. The surprising part of this is that my profile is 3 months of age. There have not been any warnings or restrictions at all.

buy twitch followers review

You must be astonished and wondering where and what I used.

You shouldn’t be looking for this if you are not ready to spend money. The cheapest price is for 300 fans and that cannot give a serious person what he or she needs.
You need to purchase over 5k followers if you want to always smile on the network. That is the only cool way to begin to get the top improvement that, other users.
You should really know that you are not the only person that wants to stream android games to Twitch. Others may be uploading what you intend to stream. You need to gain a lot so that your journey of becoming famous will be finished fast.
Finding the best place is not difficult. Without writing more on this, just get followers cheap in order to gain real subscribers.
I don’t want to keep on explain what you must do when everything has already been done there.
The site has an explanation of how their service works. So, I don’t need to fill up this post with more. You just have to check there to know more.

How to get free robux without downloading apps

If you are sure that you need to get free robux without downloading apps, smile a bit.
Jump and then relax on where you are sitting.
Now, you will know the secret in which many top players use. They will no longer bully you after you finish reading and trying out this guide.
I just hope you will be happy to share on places you come across.

Before that, there is someone that needs to be thanked for this tip. He is a member in roblox builders club and owns a group, where he gives robux. He is actually the owner of the website which you are going to use. In fact, when I first started, I thought it won’t be possible. But after a chat with him and a small amount to confirm, I was convinced it is legit.

The truth is many sites are available for this. But majority of them will still tell you to download apps and at the end, give you nothing. You need a source for only free robux. Why? It is the only way in which you will be sure that, after doing everything, you will get something.

Like I said earlier, others will not allocate what you demand from them. They may either redirect you to lots of surveys after each completion or show an error.
It is best to only check out that website you see above. There, you will never beg or ask anyone to tell you what they use. You will be able to have so much anytime you want.

If you are wondering how long it takes, read this.
Most places normally say that they will give you roblox currency instantly. But after you must have spent time on such places, you have to wait for days. Sometimes, you won’t even get anything.
But there, they make sure that players get what they ask for as fast as possible.
So, is that not what you really want?

roblox free robux

You must have seen how easy it is to get free robux without downloads apps on mobile or PC.
You should go ahead and tell others when you finally achieve your purpose there.
If you have other good ones, post a comment with a link to it. Just make sure it is not clickable.
I will check to see how good it is compared with the one available on this article.
For now, that is what I and so many friends in my locality use. Even some persons said he followed this twitch streaming guide to show live his roblox game-play.

How to stream android games to Twitch

Have you been wondering what Twitch is all about? It is the largest streaming community online. But, it is complicated for a newbie to stream there game there. Why? The mobile app does not give users access to streams games directly from their phone. Maybe, in future, they will release an update that will allow that.
For now, the app allows you to stream IRL with your camera and microphone. So, if you just want to watch any streamer, you don’t need this guide, just get the app.

But for other, you need to have a streaming app designed to stream from your android phone. The best and only working one is OBS – Open Broadcaster Software. It is open source, meaning that if you are a developer, you can edit and add more features.

The app is not for android. You need to download and run it on your computer.
Before you start it, go to your mobile app store, search for any screen recorder, and then install it.
Once you have really done that, open OBS. Connect your device to your PC and enable USB debugging. You can do that by going to Settings – About Phone. Tab on build number 10 times.
Wait for it to display, you have unlocked developer options.
Enter developer option and enable USD debugging by turning it on.

Once you do all that, connect your Twitch account to OBS, start the mobile screen recording app. Then start the game you want to show. OBS will pick up the recording and start showing it live on Twitch.

Is the tutorial not simple?

You must take into some certain things while performing all that. They include:

  • You need to connect using a USB cable.
  • Your phone must be powerful to run an interesting game.

twitch android streaming

If your cable is bad, or doesn’t fit in tight to your device, you won’t succeed in during this.
If the device you use has a very low RAM, you will only stream games for dummies.
So, you need to ensure that you get all those two stuffs set before you think of showing everyone the game you play.
If you can’t, then it is best you just record a video and post on other video sites. That will be better and may not need a high end device for during that.

In time, I will be writing cool guides related to twitch. They will help you to gain views and fans for your account. Just bookmark this site and visit it daily so that you will be among the first set of persons that reads it.