How I got a water heater as a gift on Facebook

Adhering to rules in a Facebook group is very important. Most people join a group for learning or making too much noise.
This can annoy the admin of the place and may force him/her to remove such persons.

Today, I am not going to fill up this post with irrelevant texts on what I did or that. I am only testing what I got.

I have been an active member of one group like that that promotes heaters. I thought maybe it will be good to approach them for a review copy. It’s quite funny since I searched for the best brand in the market some time ago. I know well that it will be impossible to get one for free from the seller. But I had to try. At first, he said No! I will only offer you a discount code.
I didn’t reply. The next thing was, send me your address. It looks unreal since it is my first time to get such an offer on an expensive item.
To my surprise, it arrived last week.

Is it working perfectly?

For few days, I had issues in getting it to heat water. The problem was from my installation. I watched a video hoping that I can install it on my own. But in the end, I had to hire someone for that.
There is no need of trying to be a pro on something I don’t have expertise in. Paying someone for that was my best choice. Now, I can have a steady flow of hot water whenever I need it.

My advice to everyone that is a member of a Facebook store page is to be active.
Whenever the owner of that page posts, try to comment, like, and even share. If you do this regularly, you will be noticed. In time, you may be offered a gift as I did.

I won’t mention the Facebook group where I got that. Just start by doing what I did on the current group you are in. I think before this year finishes, I may get another item from another group.

facebook gift from admin

I will begin to spend more time in a group these days. You should do the same, most especially if you have spare time for fun.

If you use another platform like TikTok and know how to get TikTok likes, you can boost your replies there and be noticed by the admin of the page you are following. This might give you a chance of getting something for free from him in the future.

Let me know if you have ever received a gift from someone on Facebook. It is time to share how it appeared and the way you felt.