Is PSN Code Generator Legit?

Last year, I watched a video on Twitch that showed a player’s account with lots of codes.
I looked so close and found out that it is PSN. At first, I never bother to ask if he bought it or generated it using a trick. But this year, I had to go back to the channel owner and ask him.
To my surprise, he got it freely. How is that possible?

The issue with something like that is, I can’t really say if he is lying or is true. For you to generate the code, the giver must purchase it. So, there must be a way by which he gets money to buy them. He must have a way to obtain cash from the receiver before he/she can get the code.
This reasoning made me to look more into the matter. I had to test different sites to see if I can find one that explains everything. Here is my finding:

Majority of websites for PSN code generator always request people to complete surveys.
Deep in my research, I found out that lots of these site owners promote ads through those surveys. When you do them, they are paid a bit of money. But there payment is not usually enough to buy a code for one person. That is, if only one person completes it.

So, how do they actually get the code?

When up to 100 persons completes an offer, the owner of the site buys the code and gives it to one or two persons. Remember, a $10 code will worth that same money. If one survey completion earns them $0.90, then need more people to reach that amount.
So, that is the way.

What of other sites that doesn’t require you to do surveys?
Based on my research, those ones don’t work. You will end up spending your time in vain.
Moreover, some of them have a disclaimer that clearly states that you will not get anything.
So, why bother with them?

free psn codes

My advice to every reader is to forget about looking for any PSN code generator. Just buy it. There are many places with cheap prices and coupons. You should search for them on the internet. You can join some newsletters that may give it away on monthly basis.
That is another way that doesn’t require any kind of stress.
You can however look for any site that uses the other option. But, be ready to test since many of them will never give you anything.